What COVID has meant for our staff

Nepal is usually a beehive of activity. Tourists flock to the mountainous country and are welcomed by the warmhearted Nepali people. WOVEN had 5 storefront locations in the two most frequented cities. People shopped our products for souvenirs that they could feel confident left a positive impact. 

The grounding of planes and slow of travel has forced the closure of many of our storefronts. With this comes a lack of work at every level of our company, and halted a large portion of production. Though this is unfortunate, Nepali people have a spirit of perseverance! We are adapting to be able to continue to employ our staff.

With this setback came the opportunity to focus on growing outside of Nepal! Each purchase made through WOVEN Canada helps us continue to empower women. We cannot wait to see our workshop bustling with employees again, and thank you so much for contributing to that reality!