Our Story

      Travelling through her home country of Nepal, Ramkali Kahdka saw the poverty many people, particularly women, faced. A lack of education left these women at the whim of their familial situation without a means to chose their own destiny.

     What started as a team of 3 women 40 years ago, has now grown into a team of more than 500. Childcare and work-from-home options are some of the ways the Women’s Skills Development Organization (WSDO) ensures they reach as many women as possible. Even more notable, Ramkali has created a co-op to assist women in buying homes, and offered education scholarships to handcrafters' children. 

     Inspired by his mothers life long mission, Ramkali's son Anup sought to bring her fabrics into contemporary designs. WOVEN's team of women design, construct, market, and operate our stores throughout Nepal. Ramkali's belief that through empowering women, we truly empower entire communities is the center of WOVEN's operations.

      WOVEN Canada is the Canadian branch of distribution, headed by Edmonton local Toni Saric. She has met with and listened in awe to the stories of handcrafters, Ramkahli, Anup and his wife Nita. 

     Thank you for choosing to be a part of our story.